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A person’s hairstyle is an amazing thing. It can make them feel like the cover of Vogue or Superman himself. So much of a person’s confidence can come from their coiffure, so if you’re responsible for styling it, you need the best hair styling tools for the job, especially if it’s on your own head. But how do you choose when it comes to straighteners, dryers, and crimpers? Well, you’re in luck. We’ll be checking out the premiere hair care appliances to add to your collection so you can sculpt your next client’s hair into exactly how they want it.  

It’s important to start any piece or art on a clean, blank canvas, which for hairstyling sometimes means evening out waves and curls. The first hair tool most will go for is a straightening iron. When looking for a hair straightener, it’s important to remember a few different features and what they can do for your hair. The heating plates on a straightener should be your first clue as to quality. Avoid glass or metal plates as they can easily burn your hair. Instead look for ceramic or titanium plates on a hair straightener since they heat more evenly and quickly making them very convenient. You’ll also want to look for a straightener with a variable temperature so you can control the heat level to work on different types of hair. The best hair straightener out there has to be the BaByliss Pro Nano. Its lightweight titanium plates makes it easy to work on hair for those longer stylings, and its temperature control means it can work on almost any kind of hair making it the top pick for the best flat iron available.

Once you’ve straightened your hair, you’re ready to move on to the other tools of the trade to add some movement to your look. To add some volume and shape to your hair, you’re going to want to reach for a crimper, a waver, or a wand. The best hair crimpers and the best hair wavers are very similar. A hair crimper has a heated surface like a straightener, but instead of being flat, it is shaped so that your hair is pressed into very tight waves. Most hair wavers are shaped like a two or three barreled straightener. When your hair is clamped into a waver, you get much looser waves than a crimper.

The best hair crimper available is the Bed Head Totally Bent 2” crimper. This crimper has an adjustable heat which makes it usable on thinner, straighter hair at low settings and heavier, thicker hair at higher settings. The lightweight chrome heating plates allow the crimper to heat up quickly and evenly. This crimper leaves the hair with beautiful, tight waves that last.

Hair wavers come in a variety of styles, but all do basically the same thing. A hair waver is the middle ground between a standard curling iron and a hair crimper, so if you want a looser wave than you get with a crimper without having to wind your hair around a curling iron, a hair waver is for you. Bed Head does it again with their Deep Waver, truly the best hair waver available. This sleek waver has three barrels to it, so your hair is clamped into a nice, loose S shape. The tourmaline ceramic plates heat evenly and wave your hair gently and give your hair a sleek shine.

Hair wands and curling irons have come a long way. The variety of sizes and styles of hair wand can be a bit overwhelming, but knowing what to look for will help make your choice for what’s right for you. Curling irons are one of the most versatile hair styling tools you can have in on your counter. Depending on the angle you hold it and how much hair you curl at a time, you can make tight ringlet curls or softer waves to boost the body of your hair. Most traditional curling irons come with a clamp on the side to hold the hair against the heated rod, but in recent years there has been shift in the popularity toward hair wands without a clamp. These hair wands come in different shapes and sizes, too, and some even have interchangeable heating rods to up the versatility of a single tool. Some rods are one diameter along the whole length, while some are tapered, and still others thin and widen along the whole rod. With clips or without, tapered or straight, the best hair wands and curling irons out there come from Hot Tools. If you want to treat yourself, go for the Hot Tools Professional line of wands and curling irons. They range from as small as ⅜” irons for very tight curls up to the 2” irons for big, loose curls.

It’s a well-known fact that heat can damage hair, which is why it’s so important to choose quality tools to make sure that styling doesn’t turn into a catastrophe. While it’s easy to pick a titanium or ceramic plated heating tool for direct heat, what about when it comes to a hair dryer? Hair dryers have new innovations in the technology used in them as well. Bio Ionic Hair dryers use negative ions to break the water molecules on your hair down into smaller particles. These smaller water molecules can be absorbed into your hair easier, so they condition the hair as it dries. The result is a hair dryer that leaves the hair silky, smooth, and luxurious making Bio Ionic the best hair dryer on the market.

In old photos of hair salons you would see women sitting and chatting with rollers in their hair. These little cylinders are coming back in popularity with new techniques making them a versatile tool for adding body to your hair style. If the rollers are curled from the end of the hair up toward the head, you get big curls that hang low, but if you hold the roller close to your head and curl the hair around it, you end up with a more wavy curl all the way down. Whether you’re going for a classic, vintage low curl or a newer, textured wave, Paul Mitchell is the way to go. Talk to stylists and they will tell you that all things Paul Mitchell are high quality, but the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Hot Roller system is by far the best. Each individual roller has temperature regulating tech inside to notify you when your hair is ready to be released into its newly curled form. While it is a little pricey, these are the best hot rollers and they are hot to trot!

Finally, if you’re looking for something that can do a little of everything on this list, go out and look at a hot air brush. Hot air brushes are a combination of a hairbrush and hair dryer. This makes it very convenient to dry and straighten your hair, but it also means finding one with the best qualities of both a hairbrush and a dryer. Luckily, many of the best hot air brushes made now have similar ionic technology to help prevent frizz. Some have fancy bells and whistles like rotating brush heads, but these require a motor to turn the brush and these motors have a tendency to burn out or slow down. Your best bet is to go for the John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air brush. It comes in a couple different sizes, has the ionic technology to fight flyaways and static frizz, and has two heat setting and a cool setting to give you the ultimate in control of styling your hair.