Best Hair Dryers

Hair dryers come in as many varieties as hair does. There are hair dryers specifically for curly hair, for straight hair, what are the best hair dryersfor thick hair, for fine hair. There is a different tool out there for just about anyone. Deciding which one lives up to the promises it makes and which one is just a lot of hot air can be tough and expensive. Luckily, we’ve taken a look at different hair dryers from all over the market to come up with the best one for any situation.

Because heat reacts to different hair types in different ways, it’s important to know what to look for in a hair dryer. So we’ve broken it down by hair type and which dryers to look for each.

Straight Hair

Straight hair isn’t always the easiest type to work with, but it definitely isn’t the hardest. Straight hair has a tendency to frizz, especially near the bottoms of the hair strands. In order to combat this frizz and add a little shine to your hair, check out the Bio Ionic line of hair dryers. Their negative ion producing technology will make your hair hold onto moisture while it dries your hair. These professional grade dryers are a bit pricey, but well worth it. If you’re looking for something a little more conservatively priced, look no further than the Infiniti Pro from ConAir. This dryer has a ceramic heater to make sure the heat produced is even so your hair doesn’t fry. It also has three different heat settings and two speed settings for great customization.

The Best Blow Dryer Natural Hair

Natural hair is really susceptible to heat damage and caution needs to be taken when blow drying. It’s very important to use the best hair dryer for natural hair with a thick comb or diffuser attachment. Thick combs help to spread the hair out and allow more air to circulate between the strands. Diffusers help to protect the hair from the damage of direct heat. Diffusers also help spread the heat out to cover a larger area of hair at a time. The best hair dryer with a comb attachment is the Hot Tools 1875 Watt Professional Styler Hair Dryer. This dryer has a unique shape that makes it easy to control the direction of the heat. With three different comb attachments, you get great versatility for different styles.

If you don’t want to go the comb route, think about getting a dryer with a diffuser. The Remington TStudio Silk dryer is the best dryer for natural hair that comes with a diffuser and has three heat settings and a cool shot option to control the temperature on your hair. The Remington also has ionic technology to help avoid frizzing and to encourage supple hair that avoids breaking and damage.

The overall best hair dryer for black hair, though, is the CHI Rocket Hair Dryer. It’s a ceramic heated hair dryer with an 1800 watt motor. It’s available with comb attachments and has multiple heat settings. Its ion producing tech will leave your hair smooth and shiny, too making this particular model within a nice line line of hair styling products one of the best hair dryers for black hair because of its power, high heat, and consistent reliability.

You need the best hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair.  Now because there are so many types of curly hair, it’s hard to pin down what the best hair dryer and diffuser for curly hair. We all know some curls are tight and springy while others are loose and long. Some curls are much more obedient than others, so it’s important to know what to look for in a dryer if you have some natural body and bounce to your hair. Curly hair can be treated with a little more heat than thinner, straighter hair, but you still have to be careful about heating too quickly. This is why you want to look for a ceramic or titanium heating element in the dryer. It’s also always a good idea to look for a dryer that has different heat settings. Which Babyliss hair dryer is the best?  Look at the BaByliss Pro TT 3000. The BaByliss Pro TT 3000 has two different speeds and three different heat settings, a tourmaline treated titanium heating element for even heat and extra shine, and an extra powerful motor for getting the heat to through those thick curls.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, we suggest looking at the FHI Heat Technique Nano Pro 1850 dryer. It has a ceramic heater to heat gently and the ion producing technology that helps to fight frizz, it has two speeds settings, three heat settings and a lockable cool shot button. This professional grade dryer also comes with a Curl Defining finger diffuser to get those curls dried evenly making this the best hair dryer for curly hair with difuser you can get.

Hair thickness

If you have extra thick hair, you know how much work it can take to get it dry. The nice thing about thick hair is that you have more options when it comes to treatment. Chances are your hair is a little more resilient to heat and treatment, meaning you can be a little broader with your search for a hair dryer. It’s still important to look for a good quality dryer with a strong motor and it’s always nice to have options when it comes to heat settings and speeds.

On the other hand, thinner hair is much more susceptible to damage from heat. If you have thinner hair, temperature control should be top priority as far as features go. You also want to look for a dryer with a ceramic or titanium heating element as they produce a nice, gentle heat instead of an intense one that could fry your hair.

What type of hair dryer is best?  Either way, one of the things you’ll definitely want to look for is a dryer with negative ion producing technology. These ions help your hair to absorb water molecules and stay moisturized. The top of the line for hair dryers and the Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry High Performance dryer. This dryer comes with four heat settings and a cool shot option which is great for thick or thinner hair. The 1875 watt motor is strong enough for any hair type and it comes with a concentrating nozzle and a diffuser to vary the spread of the air.