Finding The Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair For The Style You Deserve

Start With The Right Foundation.

Just like a building, the first step in almost any hair styling endeavor is to get a good foundation to start from. After washing and drying, the first tool you will need is a good, trustworthy flat iron. Flattening the hair allows for maneuverability and versatility when styling your locks. But with all the choices out there, which flat iron is best for your hair? We give a rundown of the best flat irons for any type of hair you have.

Different Flat Irons For Different Jobs.

one of the best flat irons for thick
best flat iron for thick hair

Any time you go to use heat on your hair, it is important to remember a few things about the differences in how

different tools work. There are three main styles of heating plates in hair tools: glass, ceramic, and metal. These three kinds of heating plates are often the first sign of the quality of the product. Lower quality hair tools will use glass heating plates because they are cheaper to make, however, they are usually harsher on your hair because the heated glass doesn’t heat evenly and doesn’t hold the heat very well. This means that the flat iron uses more energy to reheat itself over and over again. Glass can also damage hair by producing too much heat. It’s best to look for a flat iron that uses ceramic or titanium. These materials heat evenly and allow for better transfer of heat to your hair in a safer, less damaging way.

Hair Type Matters When Choosing Your Next Flat Iron.

Depending on your hair type, you will want to look for different kinds of flat irons with different features. The easiest hair to use a flat iron on is straight hair. Even if you have straight hair, a flat iron should be used before you begin styling to ensure a nice, even start to your do. If you have thicker hair, it can probably withstand more heat. If you have thin hair, you need to be careful. Too much heat on thin hair can easily damage it. For straight, thin hair, look for a flat iron with adjustable heat like the Infiniti Pro 1-inch by Conair. This flat iron has ceramic plates which means it warms up more evenly and the adjustable heat settings let you experiment with how much heat your hair can handle. It’s best to start low and work your way up. Just go hot enough to get the desired results. Another benefit is that the plates are treated with tourmaline. Tourmaline produces ions that make water molecules break down into smaller sizes which allow your hair to absorb the water better. This helps keep your hair hydrated and keeps fly aways and static cling to a minimum.

For thick hair, you will likely be able to go to a hotter setting. The BaByliss Pro Non Titanium is the best flat iron for thick hair because it has titanium plates which are 1 ¾ “, which means that it is lighter weight than other flat irons and can straighten bigger pieces of hair. This makes straightening your hair faster and easier on your arms. It has adjustable heat settings to go as hot as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be hot enough for even the thickest hair. Although a little on the pricey side, professional level tools are well worth the money. They last a lot longer than the lower quality products, and they better made. This means that little

Curly hair is a different beast than straight hair. Curly hair has natural bounce and twist to it making it harder to straighten. Because curly hair can take longer to straighten, look for a flat iron with titanium heating plates. The best flat iron for curly hair is the Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion smooth + Flat Iron. Paul Mitchell is a favorite brand of hair stylists and is known to be one of the top hair tools on the market. The ceramic plates heat evenly and are treated to produce negative ions to fight frizz and ensure that your hair stays better moisturized. This flat iron heats up to 410 degrees in only 60 seconds and has a heat recovery time of only 5 seconds, making it easy to work on large amounts of hair at a time.

Bio Ionic makes professional grade hair tools of all kinds. The Bio Ionic Ombre Iron is the best flat iron for thick, curly hair. Bio Ionic uses similar negative ion producing technology found in other hair tools; the plates on the Ombre irons are treated to produce negative ions that break water molecules down to absorb into each strand of hair. Getting the plates to the needed temperature quickly is great because while straightening your hair, your iron is losing that heat to your hair. So, the faster it recovers to the temperature it needs, the faster you can finish your hair style. The Bio Ionic Ombre irons heat up to 450 degrees and have a convenient digital display to show what temperature they are at. These irons are great for smoothing hair, waving hair, and are versatile enough to use for any styling needs. Bio ionic is also the gold standard when it comes to dryers and styling wands. Their professional line of hair tools it well worth the cost, as they last much longer and many of their products come with a warranty.

Usually the curliest, thickest hair on just about anyone, black hair can take some real time to style and effort to style. Depending on what style you are going for, you will likely have to straighten your hair to achieve the look you want. The flat iron that is best for black hair is the CHI PRO AIR 1” ceramic flat iron. This flat iron has ceramic plates that heat evenly and are treated with tourmaline to help reduce frizz by increasing the water absorption of your hair. Weighing in at only 1 pound, this iron is lightweight and easy to use. It’s so effective, even the kinkiest hair types can be smoothed out in only one pass of the iron.