Question: What Is The Best Flat Iron On The Market? Answer…

Everyone loves the feeling of their hair after a good haircut. Chopping off all those dead ends makes your hair feel soft, silky, and new again. With this fresh start you are now determined to grow out long, healthy hair, but when you get home your crazy curls are tempting you to straighten them. It doesn’t help that you only have that frizzled out flat iron to work with. Luckily, you don’t have to give up straightening your hair. Companies are coming out with some of the best flat iron technology that consumers have seen in years. With new techniques to keep flat irons from causing unwanted heat damage, it is possible for you to achieve the healthy hair of your dreams. The next step is gathering up the courage to make a purchase. With all of the different options for flat irons it can seem a bit confusing. So we’ve done the research to help you find out what the best flat iron on the market is once and for all.

The first step to saving your hair, while still getting that sleek and straight style you want, is by choosing a flat iron for your hair

what is the best flat iron for natural hair
best flat iron for natural hair

type. This is because what is the best flat iron for natural hair may not work for someone with thinner hair. Your hair will likely fall into one of these three categories; thin, medium to thick, or natural hair. The second factor that must be considered while purchasing a flat iron is what plate material will work best for your hair type. As companies work to produce the best heating technologies there are more and more options to choose from. The three main categories of flat iron plates are ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Some flat irons may have a combination of these materials. Finally the last factor to decide on is how much you are willing to spend on your new flat iron. Flat iron prices have a huge range; from $20-$120. Many see flat irons with a high price tag as an investment. These styling tools can be worth the money if you are looking for salon quality results. If you only straighten your hair occasionally it may be OK to look at flat irons in a cheaper price range. On the other hand, if you are constantly straightening your unruly hair, it is more likely to suffer from heat damage if you do not have a professional grade flat iron.

What is the best flat iron for fine hair? The first thing you should look for in a flat iron for thin hair would be one with temperature control. Fine, naturally straight hair is prone to heat damage because it is not as strong as thicker hair. While styling hair you should start with the lowest possible temperature and slowly work your way up as needed. If you notice breakage at the end of your hair you may be using too much heat. Those with fine hair have the option of looking at most any price range for their flat irons because their hair will straighten fairly easily. Another feature many flat irons offer that will help protect fine hair would be ceramic plates. Ceramic flat irons heat evenly while adding shine to your hair. One flat iron that takes this to the next level is the Remington Style Therapy Frizz Therapy Flatiron. While you straighten your hair it is infused with a heat-protective conditioner. Your fine hair no longer has to suffer damage just to get a long lasting style.

What is the best flat iron for thick hair? While thick hair is beautiful it can also require a lot more upkeep. If you have thicker, unruly hair for the best results you may consider buying a professional flat iron. This is because thick hair is stronger and can handle the higher temperatures. While these flat irons may be more expensive they will also give you the best results. One material that is effective in flat iron plates is tourmaline. It produces negative ions that add extra shine to hair and can be combined with both titanium and ceramic plates. It is also important to keep curly hair untangled while you straighten to keep it from catching on the plates which can cause hair breakage. If your thick hair is prone to tangling easily the SalonTech Sillicone 450 Flat Iron could very well be the right for you. The silicone bars on the plates help guide hair for even heating making coarse hair sleek and straight.

What are the best flat irons for natural hair? As a rule of thumb those with natural hair should look for a flat iron that allows for high heat. Natural hair is prone to dryness which leaves in vulnerable to heat damage. Many may think a flat iron with high heat would cause more damage, but the trick to straightening natural hair is running the flat iron through the hair only once. If you look at the material used for the flat irons plate make sure the material is consistent. Some flatirons will have a ceramic coating that can flake over time. The exposed hotter surface underneath the coating can lead to heat damage. The most effective flat irons will have completely titanium or ceramic plates. Another development in heat technology are flat irons that incorporate steam while you straighten. This warm steam can match the temperature of the hot plates and allows your hair to stay moisturized. The Babyliss Tourmaline Titanium Steam flat iron is a great choice for those with natural hair because it uses steam to help make hair straight without losing its natural shine or volume.

What is the best flat iron for your hair depends on three major factors; your hair type, the flat iron’s plate material, and how much you are willing to spend. For any hair type, make sure to use heat protectant in your hair before you begin styling. This will save you the pain of cutting off those dead ends yet again. With these tips and tricks you should be an expert at navigating the flat iron market.