The Best Hair Straightening Products For Real Life

It’s your big day. Maybe you are meeting that cute guy for coffee or maybe you have a job interview for you dream

best hair straightening products -
some of the best hair straightening products for real life

career. You decide to straighten your unruly curly hair for a sophisticated put together look. You walk out the door feeling amazing, ready to take on the world. Later, you go to the bathroom to look in the mirror, only to discover your once straight hair has frizzed out. Every girl’s worst nightmare. After all of that hard work you have nothing to show for it. You may have found a trusty flat iron that can get the job done, but you fall just short of the long lasting results you dream of. It’s time to consider switching up your routine. Keep reading to check out some of the newest and best hair straightening products that will guarantee sleek and shiny hair that will last for days.

There are products that you can use that will help you straighten your hair before you even pull out the flat iron. At home straightening products usually contain keratin, which smooths down the hair, seals the individual hair shafts and nourishes them completely to give you a straight, shiny, lusterous effect. If you straighten your hair often, you may want to consider trying a new shampoo or conditioner. The Fekkai advanced silky straight ironless shampoo and conditioner has a patented straightening complex that features hibiscus proteins to help smooth curly or wavy hair. This set also primes your hair to avoid frizz after straightening. If you plan on styling your hair wet, a blow dryer primer will help make straightening you’re hair a little easier. The Eufora Smooth n’ Straight balm can unravels curly hair while you blow dry. It has an organic aloe vera base that is also great for healing damaged hair. Another important product to use before you straighten your hair is a heat protectant. Living proof is one line that offers a weightless and instant heat protectant. With a blend of conditioning agents it shields hair from heat tools up to 450 degrees and even provides UV ray protection. After straightening your hair, a frizz fighting serum will be the perfect finishing touch on your style. Garnier Fructis sleek and shine anti frizz serum uses argon and apricot oil for extra conditioning and hydration to eliminate frizz.

One of the newest developments in hair styling at home is a brush that straightens hair. It sounds too good to be true, but Dafani was the first on the market to sell the hair straightening brush. All you have to do is run the brush through a section of your hair and the base of the brush will heat up, leaving you with soft, straight hair. The Dafani brush straightener was critiqued for its high price, but more companies are coming out with the same technology at a lower cost. If you plan on purchasing one of these brushes, look for a brush base with a ceramic coating rather than iron or plastic. Ceramic allows for maximum heat protection. You may also want to opt for a brush with a seamless nib verses an apparent nib. Apparent nibs can catch hair while you are brushing and the nibs can fall off over time. The Apalus hair brush straightener is a product that has received amazing reviews and also has a great price. There are many advantages to using a hair straightening brush over a normal flat iron. Using a brush lets you avoid annoying creases in your hair that can appear after using a flat iron. As you brush through your hair the heat in the base of the brush is also evenly distributed which can help fight heat damage. Finally these brushes are convenient. By completing two steps at once, you can now style your hair in a fraction of the amount of time than you would if you had used a flat iron.

Many of these new products can still be intimidating and you’d rather stick with what you know. Luckily new flat iron technology is also coming out that offers salon quality results at a lower cost to you. One of the best hair straightener available on the market today is the HSI flat iron. HSI flat iron reviews have been among the top rated for months now. This flat iron heats up quickly, from anywhere between 140 to 410 degrees. The ceramic plates allow hair to slide through easily and straighten with amazing results. It has a great quality and price balance and your purchase will also includes a travel bag and heat protectant glove. Another option that has received great reviews is the Paul Mitchell hair straightener, Neuro smooth. If you are a fan of the Paul Mitchell hair styling products you will fall in love with his new line of hair styling tools. The Neuro smooth has IsoTherm titanium plates with adjustable heat control up to 450 degrees. You will only have to run it through your hair once for soft, straight hair. For an added bonus, if you buy the flat iron you will also receive a two year warranty.

One of the most important things to remember before you plan on buying new hair straightening products is that not all products are created equal. Depending on your hair type you may want to research further to see what products will work best for you. If you have thick, curly hair you will need styling tools with higher heat. Someone with fine hair should not use high heat because this may cause heat damage. It’s also important to consider how often you straighten your hair. Salon quality products can be an investment that will pay for itself if you straighten your hair daily. No matter your hair type always be sure to protect your hair from heat damage. Keeping your hair healthy will also help make styling it much easier.

So if you are unhappy with your curly hair and would rather go straight and sleek try out some of these options. Flyways and frizz are unacceptable when the market offers amazing hair straightening products at low costs to you.