Titanium or Ceramic Flat Iron – Which is Best You?

Straightening your hair can be an easy and fun way to change up your look. At least it sounds like a good idea until you remember the hours of work it can take. Especially while trying to tame naturally, curly African American hair. One thing that can help straightening your curly hair seem a little less intimidating is by choosing the right flat iron. Both natural and relaxed hair require a straightener that is effective but doesn’t end up causing heat damage. The top flat irons for black hair are either titanium or ceramic flat iron. Yet even within these two categories there are a lot of different variations and brands to choose from. With all these options for a straightener it may seem overwhelming to decide on which one to purchase. Here are how these two types of flat irons work and which ones can give you the best styling results for your hair.

When picking out a flat iron for your hair, it’s important to understand how the different materials within the plates work. What a flat iron is made of does determine how effective it is at straightening your hair. The two main types of flat irons you will find are ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is an inorganic, nonmetallic material found in many everyday objects such as tiles, plates, and glasses. It also proves to be a great material for flat irons because of its ability to heat evenly. If one area of a flat iron heats up more quickly than another it can lead to heat damage. Ceramic can help prevent this problem while adding shine to your hair. Some flat irons simply have a ceramic coating while others are pure ceramic plates. A ceramic coating is typically lower in cost, but can eventually chip putting your hair in direct contact with the hot metal underneath. For the best results with the least amount of damage you may want to look for pure ceramic plates.

Titanium is a metal that is used for flat irons plates because of its low density but high strength. Titanium has the ability to heat evenly within seconds. It is important to use these types of flat irons with some caution due to the fact that the high heat can lead to hair damage. Rather than leaving the flat iron on the hair for a long amount of time, it is important to run it through the hair only once. A titanium flat iron is also a great investment due to the fact that it is long lasting and resists corrosion.

What are the best flat irons for natural hair?  Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is now one of the latest developments in flat iron technology. Tourmaline flat irons are made by crushing up the crystal into a powdered form that is then used to coat the plates. This allows the use of tourmaline in both ceramic and titanium flat irons. When looking into purchasing a flat iron, buying one with plates coated in tourmaline will help you achieve the healthiest looking straight hair. This is because tourmaline has the ability to produce negative ions. Hair is usually positively charged due to its water content. These negative ions counteract the positively charged hair by providing moisture and adding shine while straightening.  The next time your friends ask you, “what is a tourmaline flat iron?” you are now over prepared to be the official know it all!

The best flat irons for black natural hair are those with high heat and good hair protection. Ceramic straighteners with a tourmaline coat are the best flat iron for natural hair because they offer high quality heat protection. Before straightening natural hair, a heat protectant hair product must always be used to prevent damage. This is because the straightener must be run through the hair multiple times in order to see the best results. Natural hair is already prone to dryness so ceramic flat irons can help prevent hair breakage. The Chi Pro Air is an example of a ceramic flat irons for natural hair. It works well by offering a variety of heat settings up to 400 degrees. The Chi Pro is a powerful flat iron with amazing results by transforming once curly hair into sleek straight hair. Other good cheap  flat irons for natural hair would be the Infiniti Pro by Conair. With tourmaline ceramic plates users of this flat iron have the luxury of high heat without the frizz or heat damage.

Women with natural hair also have the choice to relax their hair. When hair is relaxed the bonds in kinky hair are broke, allowing the hair to stay straight. Through this process the hair follicle is also weakened, making the hair more prone to heat damage. This is why those with relaxed should spend extra time preparing their hair before they straighten it and should invest in a quality flat iron. The best flat irons for relaxed hair are those with titanium plates infused with tourmaline. This is because while relaxed hair is straighter, it can still be fairly thick. The ideal way to style with a straightener would be to run the straightener through the hair one time on high heat. The best titanium flat iron for this would be the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium. It works quickly but leaves hair looking shiny and sleek.

Overall the best flat irons for black hair will fall under the titanium or ceramic categories. Ceramic flat irons tend to work best for those with natural hair, whereas titanium flat irons work well for those with already relaxed hair. No matter what flat iron you decide on remember to consider your hair type and how often you plan on styling your hair. Talk to your hair stylist for more tips on which flat iron would be best for in home use and how your hair type may effect which one you buy. For the best straightening results with the least amount of damage consider preparing your hair with deep conditioner and heat protectant before beginning. Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, don’t let your hair intimidate you from trying a straight style. If you invest in the correct kind of flat iron it can work wonders. Not only will your hair feel shiny and new, but with your new look you can too!

Is the best flat iron ceramic or titanium for my type of hair? I hope this article has helped you make this important decision.  We spen a lot of time trying to create the best hair style that fits our individual personalities to bring out the best in ourselves and the materials used can make the difference in how our day begins.