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Most hair styling done today uses a pretty standard array of tools. Most vanity counters and hair salons are equipped with hair dryers, combs, brushes, straighteners, and curling irons. All tools that require a very hands-on approach to sculpting your hair into the look you want. But what if you are a multi-tasker at heart? How can you get your hair done while you’re touching up your makeup, or feeding the dog, or separating fighting kids? When it comes to styling your hair when you have a ton of other stuff to do, the old ways are the best ways. Hot rollers may have gone out of fashion for a bit, but their utility and usefulness have made people reconsider these old-school tools for hair styling. And a lot has changed from the days of your grandma’s rollers. Below we’ll outline the best hot rollers available so you can get the most use out of these throw back hair tools.

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Styling hair with hot rollers is a great way to work multiple effects into your hair do at one time. Most people will use hot rollers when they are building a style that takes a few more steps to complete. Though you have to wait a little for the rollers to do their jobs, they are great for when you want to work with a larger portion of hair at one time without having to wait for your curling wand to reheat between each section of hair. Hot curlers are especially great if you can find a set that works well with your hair type.

Size vs Number

When shopping for the best hot rollers for hair, it is important to think about what you need them to do. Curlers with a bigger diameter will be able to make bigger curls that flow and wave while smaller curlers are better for tighter, bouncier styles. Luckily, many brands offer hot roller sets with multiple sizes, so you are not stuck with one size for all of your styles. On the other hand, if you know that you only need one size for the styles you enjoy, you can still purchase sets of rollers that are all the same size.

Most roller sets come with at least 12 rollers in them. Sets that feature a variety of sizes can more than 30 rollers in them and on the lower end, some sets of large roller come with only 6 or fewer. Again the number of rollers provided is not as important as the size of the rollers. If you are looking for larger rollers to work more hair at once, you may not need a set of more than 10 or 12.

Hair Types

Depending on what kind of hair you have, you may want to look for specific types of rollers. Different rollers will be better for fine hair, thick hair, or long hair. We will break down the differences and what kind of rollers you want to look for depending on what kind of hair you have.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you probably know the trouble in finding the right heat tools for you. Fine hair has a tendency to break if treated with too much heat too quickly. While it can be difficult to add body to your finer hair, there are many brands of heating tools for your hair. When shopping for any heating tools for styling your fine hair, it is best to look for tools that have a ceramic heating element. Ceramic heaters produce a more even heat that reduces the risk of hot spots that will burn your hair. Ceramic heaters also transfer the heat to your hair in a gentler way. With fine hair, you will likely want to look for bigger rollers to add body to your hair. The best hot rollers for fine hair are the Conair Extreme Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers. Conair offers this set for a reasonable price. It comes with 8 large rollers and 4 extra large rollers, so you get some variety in what you can do with just one set of rollers. These rollers come with a velvety surface to wrap your hair around, so you do not have to worry about getting your hair tangled up in teeth. Conair hot rollers are heated with a ceramic heating element, so you are ensured a nice, even heat. For just a little more money, the Infiniti Pro Instant Heat 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers by Conair is another great choice. This set has multiple sizes including small, medium, large, and jumbo. The flocked rollers are gentle on your hair, and this set comes with a set of clips making styling even easier.

Thick Hair

With thick hair, it is easy to get lost among the many products that promise to help tame that thick mane. As with any newer model of hot roller, you want to look for heating elements made of ceramic. Most newer models of roller come with rollers that are smooth instead of with teeth. The teeth on older rollers were meant to help grip the hair as it transferred heat, but these more often than not tangled the hair and would pull when removing the curlers. If you are looking for the best hot rollers for thick hair, try out the Remington H9000 Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip hot rollers. These rollers have an ionizing coating to help moisture molecules break down and absorb into the hair easier, leaving your hair with a silkier shine and it will reduce frizz and the number of flyaways you get. The Remington rollers heat up in only 90 seconds and have a protective cap on each end to help avoid burning your fingers. This set of roller comes with 8 rollers that are 1 inch in diameter, and 12 that are 1 and ¼ inch. These two sizes should be enough to create a multitude of styles. This set also comes with hinged clips to hold the rollers in place with ease.

Long Hair

When working with long hair, the standard width rollers might not be enough to handle the amount of hair you are working with. With long hair, it is often the case that you want a bigger roller to work with. Instead of looking for a wider roller, however, look for rollers that are longer. The best rollers for long hair are the Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave Hairsetter. This bundle of 12 hot rollers, 6 medium width and 6 large width, features rollers that are twice as long as other hot rollers. The extra length to the rollers allows you to wrap longer strands of hair around the specially textured rollers. The spiraled ridges around the rollers help to guide hair evenly to avoid tangles when making multiple passes around the roller. This set also comes with hinged, plastic clips to help hold hair in place as the heat transfers and your curls set. As an extra bonus, these curlers come with their own carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

If you have long hair that is especially thick, you will want to look for a slightly different set of hot rollers. The best hot rollers for long, thick hair come from Calista Tools. The Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Long Style roller set comes with 12 extra long hot rollers. Like the Revlon curlers, these feature textured ridges that spiral along the 5 ½ inch length of the curlers to help guide hair into the curls that you want, and this set comes with hinged clips to hold your hair in place. These rollers heat up in as little time as 3 minutes. While these rollers are a little more expensive than the Revlon rollers, they are well worth the extra cost.


If you are looking to add some fun bounce to your hair, look into getting some crimpers. Crimped hair can add just the texture you are looking for in your next hair style. There are two main ways of adding crimps to your hair. One is with a little heat. Hot crimping irons come in a variety of styles, but most look like a mix between traditional curling irons and a flat iron. Hot crimpers usually have three barrels that will clamp onto your hair and heat it like a flattening iron. Just like with any heating tool, you want to look for one that has a ceramic heating element and either ceramic plates or titanium plates.

The low tech solution to crimping comes from Annie Professional hair products. They may seem old fashioned, but sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and these are the best crimper rollers for hair. These plastic crimper rollers snap onto your hair and hold it in place as it crimps your hair without using any heat. Instead of heating your hair, these crimper rollers rely on a little bit of moisture. Before your hair is totally dry, clamp these crimpers into your hair and after they set for a few minutes, you will have springy, crimped hair. The best thing about these crimpers is that they can be found for a low price. Because they are not a fancier hair styling tool, they usually run around $10 for set of 6 crimper rollers.

Professional Grade Products

As with any hair tools, you can look for the more run-of-the-mill products, or you can invest a little more money into getting a professional level product that will last you longer and be much more reliable. There are a few professional hot roller systems out there that are definitely worth a look. Remember, while the prices are a little higher on these hot rollers, they are the top of the line when it comes to the final outcome of your hair style. The following are products that get the best hot roller reviews.


Babyliss hair products are known for their fun, stylish look, and they are trusted by salons and stylists nation-wide. Babyliss hot rollers come in a wide variety of sets to choose from. The Nano Titanium line comes in sets of 5 or 8 jumbo hot rollers, 12 large rollers, or the big sets come in 20 or 30 rollers of various sizes. The set of 30 rollers comes with four different sizes of color coded rollers in a sleek carrier. With this set of 30, you get enough sizes to work on just about any type of hair into just about any style imaginable. Babyliss also offers a set of professional hot sticks. These flexible rollers allow you to spiral your hair around the roller and thread the end back onto itself meaning you do not have to worry about extra clips or pins. The Babyliss hot sticks come with 10 medium and 10 small sized sticks.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell products are some of the best hair products reviewed, and their roller system is no different. Again, the professional quality of these hot rollers make them a serious investment, but the results will speak for themselves when you see what they can do. The Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell hot roller system features a sleek heating dock that allows you to change the heat for each individual roller that you insert into the pod. The state of the art technology allows for a very fast heat up time of only 8 seconds and keeps the roller hot while styling. These rollers come with the smooth, flocked surface to help fight against frizz and tangles. The Neuro Cell system comes with 6 rollers that are 1 inch in diameter.


The T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers come in a set of 8 rollers that are treated with tourmaline, which produces an increased amount of negative ions. These ions help to break water molecules down into smaller particles making it easier for your hair to absorb them. This leaves your hair smoother, silkier, and with a healthy shine when done styling. The T3 rollers have the same smooth flocked surface as the other professional grade rollers. As with other higher quality rollers, these ones have ceramic heating elements that allow for a nice, even heat. This helps keep your hair from burning out or drying up.

Now get rolling!

Now that we’ve laid out the various options for hot rollers, we hope that you can find the perfect ones for you. It’s never a bad idea to ask your stylist which ones they use in their salons and which ones they use at home. They will be able to give you further insight on which rollers are the hottest out there.